The first Junior Livestock show was held in Las Vegas and sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1956. Youth exhibitors from those early years recall with fondness the lessons learned from their experiences. Many remain dedicated to the promotion and growth of our show by donating time and effort to see this great opportunity made available for today's youth.

Exhibitors begin the process by purchasing the highest quality animal possible, feeding only the finest feeds, exercising the animal consistently and mixing in plenty of tender loving care. The result if the finest quality beef, pork, lamb, and goat in the country.

Our success has been primarily because of numerous buyers committed to supporting the youth of Southern Nevada. As a result of these supportive buyers these youth are able to utilize their profits to further their education.

This network of exhibitors, parents, volunteers and buyers has contributed to the continued success of the Junior Livestock Show and Auction each year since 1956. We look forward to another successful year and hope to see you at the Show and Auction.



  • President: Jennifer Reber
  • Vice-President: Justin Hardy
  • Secretary: Denise O'Toole
  • Treasurer: Leslie Logue
  • Fair Liaison: Mike Cope
  • Goat: Jane and Kyle Henrie 
  • Lamb: Larry and Katelynn Reber
  • Steer: Stetsy Cox
  • Swine: Christy Zalesny
The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Old Overton Gym at 6:30pm.